Surat's Textile Industry Gets a Boost: Darshana Jardosh Inaugurates Garden Silk Mill's FDY Plant

₹1250 Crore Plant Promises Employment, Technological Advancements, and a Focus on Sustainability

Surat's Textile Industry Gets a Boost: Darshana Jardosh Inaugurates Garden Silk Mill's FDY Plant

Union Minister of State for Textiles and Railways, Darshana Jardosh, inaugurated the much-anticipated Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY) plant of Garden Silk Mill in Surat's Kadodara on Monday. This new facility, valued at ₹1250 crore, marks a significant development in the city's vibrant weaving sector, promising numerous benefits.

Jardosh hailed the plant's advanced technology for polyester yarn production, emphasizing its potential to propel Surat's textile industry forward and generate substantial employment opportunities. She highlighted the government's initiatives in fostering textile sector development, such as the Man Made Fiber Promotion Scheme and PM-Mitra Parks, underlining their contribution to achieving a "developed India" vision.

Recognizing the crucial role of logistics in industrial success, the Union Minister expressed commitment to enhancing transportation infrastructure. She also stressed the importance of embracing new ideas and technologies to elevate India's textile industry on the global stage.

Jardosh reiterated the government's dedication to fostering advancements in the sector, including increased technology adoption, process capacity expansion, training initiatives, and research investments. Notably, she announced a dedicated ₹1400 crore fund for technical textiles, a growing segment with diverse applications.

Beyond economic growth, the inauguration ceremony focused on environmental responsibility. The Union Minister led a tree-planting exercise within the factory premises, sending a powerful message of sustainability alongside industrial progress.

The event witnessed the presence of prominent figures from the textile industry, including Dr. Purnendu Chatterjee (Chatterjee Group Chairman), Debbie Patra (MCPI Ltd. Director & CEO), George Sosberg (Oerlikon), and Giorgio Semorai (Semorai Group CEO). Their participation underscores the collective effort propelling Surat's textile industry towards a brighter future.

With its cutting-edge technology, employment generation potential, and commitment to environmental consciousness, Garden Silk Mill's FDY plant marks a promising chapter in Surat's story as a leading textile hub.