Surat Police Arrests Youth for Blackmailing Girl Using Private Photos and Videos

Stolen Cash and Jewelry Retrieved as Legal Action Begins Against the Accused

Surat Police Arrests Youth for Blackmailing Girl Using Private Photos and Videos

Surat, India: In a recent incident in the Punagaon area of Surat, a young man was arrested by the police for allegedly blackmailing a girl with compromising photos and videos of their intimate moments. According to the police, the accused also extracted cash and jewelry under the threat of making these private files viral.

The man, known as Vishnu Panchal alias Rohit Patel, had befriended the girl from the same area. On multiple occasions, he took the unsuspecting victim to a nearby hotel, where he secretly captured explicit photos and videos on his mobile phone. Using these materials, he subsequently blackmailed the girl, intimidating her to give him cash and gold ornaments.

The extent of the extracted valuables amounted to around Rs. 4,20,000, including 80,000 rupees in cash and gold jewelry - two gold bangles, a gold bangle, a gold chain, three gold rings, and a gold bracelet, totaling about seven tolas of gold.

However, the situation changed when the distressed girl confided in her family about her ordeal. Encouraged by her relatives, she lodged a complaint with the Surat Cyber Cell department. After conducting a thorough investigation, the police managed to arrest Panchal.

All the stolen valuables, including cash and jewelry, have been retrieved from the accused. The police are currently undertaking the necessary legal proceedings against him. This incident serves as a stark reminder about the perils of online exploitation and the importance of online safety measures.

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