Surat Advocate Shakir Dadu Honored as Most Trusted Lawyer

Shakir Dadu receives national recognition for excellence in cyber and corporate law

Surat Advocate Shakir Dadu Honored as Most Trusted Lawyer

Surat's senior advocate, Shakir Dadu, has achieved a remarkable milestone at the national level. He was awarded the title of India's Most Trusted Cyber and Corporate Lawyer at the prestigious Global Excellence Awards 2024, held in Mumbai. The ceremony, hosted at the Sahara Star Hotel, saw various luminaries honored for their exceptional contributions across multiple fields in India. The award was presented to Dadu by actress Shilpa Shetty, highlighting his influential role in the legal arena.

Championing Cyber Crime Victims

Renowned for his expertise in cyber crime and corporate law, Shakir Dadu has been instrumental in resolving numerous complex cyber cases. In an era where cyber crimes are increasingly prevalent, Dadu's relentless efforts to secure justice and protection for victims have distinguished him as a leading figure in the legal community. This accolade not only celebrates his personal achievements but also brings pride to the city of Surat.

Defending Victims of the Bitconnect Coin Scam

Dadu gained significant attention for his involvement in India's largest cryptocurrency scam case, Bitconnect Coin. His compelling arguments and legal prowess resulted in relief for hundreds of affected individuals, further cementing his reputation as a cyber crime expert. This high-profile case showcased his dedication and skill in navigating intricate legal challenges.

A Tribute to His Late Father

In his acceptance speech, Shakir Dadu credited his late father for his success. He expressed that his achievements were fueled by his father's dreams and inspiration. Although initially interested in the technical field, his father recognized his potential as a lawyer and encouraged him to pursue a career in law, shaping his path to success.

Revolutionizing Education

Beyond his legal accomplishments, Shakir Dadu is also a passionate advocate for educational reform. He is working on initiatives to facilitate language learning through technological advancements. His website, "," employs artificial intelligence (AI) models to help individuals become proficient in various languages, aiming to make education more accessible and effective.

Shakir Dadu's contributions to law and education make him an inspirational figure. His dedication to providing justice for cyber crime victims and his efforts to innovate in education underscore his role as a true societal role model.


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