Rajkot: Father Arrested Following the Deaths of His Two Children

Investigation uncovers a heartbreaking tale of domestic turmoil leading to alleged filicide

Rajkot: Father Arrested Following the Deaths of His Two Children

Rajkot  – In a deeply tragic turn of events, a father has been arrested following the deaths of his two young children in the Rajkot district's Gondal city. The appalling incident took place in the quarters of the Housing Awaaz Yojana situated on Vorakotada Road.

On the fateful night of September 15th, the two children, Rohit Makwana, aged 3, and Haresh Makwana, aged 13, were rushed to the Rajkot city civil hospital after they started vomiting profusely. Despite medical efforts to save them, the children succumbed to what was later identified as poisoning, dying in the early hours of September 16th.

The mother of the children, Hiral Makwana, deeply grief-stricken, lodged a complaint against her ex-husband and father of the children, 47-year-old Rajesh Makwana. Following the complaint, the local authorities swiftly arrested Rajesh.

The couple had been grappling with marital issues, marked with frequent disputes revolving around doubts Rajesh harbored regarding Hiral's fidelity. The marital strife escalated to the point where they officially divorced 15 days before this tragic event. Post-divorce, the children were residing with their father, Rajesh, who worked as a daily wage laborer, although he had been facing a period of unemployment and financial strain.

In the aftermath of the children's death, an intricate police investigation ensued. Officer J.P. Gosai of the Gondal City B Division Police Station detailed that the initial registration was an accidental death. However, as the investigation delved deeper, they suspected foul play.

Upon further inquiry, marked with conflicting and unclear responses from Rajesh during the preliminary questioning, he eventually confessed to having administered a poisonous substance to his children, disguising it as medicine.

He revealed that his actions stemmed from a spiral of emotional turmoil and overwhelming worry about how to provide and care for his young children single-handedly after the divorce. The suspect expressed deep concerns regarding his ability to work and simultaneously take care of his three-year-old son. It was a narrative filled with despair and distress as he depicted himself in a role of both mother and father trying to navigate a life fraught with financial and emotional difficulties.

As the local community grapples with this heart-wrenching event, questions remain about the psychological state of the accused and the immense pressures that led to this tragic decision. This case shines a light on the urgent need for community and familial support systems to aid individuals facing marital, financial, and emotional distress.

The investigation continues, with forensic and panel post-mortems being conducted to unravel the full extent of this tragic incident, a grave reminder of the devastating impacts of domestic turmoil and the tragic paths it can forge.

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