Surat Weavers Urged to Maintain Cloth Prices

Association Warns Against Price Cuts Amid Low Demand

Surat Weavers Urged to Maintain Cloth Prices

The Surat Rapier Jacquard Weavers Association has appealed to all weavers not to reduce the prices of clothes. Despite low market demand, some weavers are selling cloth at reduced rates, leading to widespread losses.

CK Maniya, President of the association, warned that continuing to lower prices will result in even greater losses in the future. He advised weavers to take a shift off their machines or voluntarily shut them down. Additionally, weavers should produce only as much as they have orders for and focus on new creations and designs, which can bring good profits.

The association provided specific recommendations:

  • Do not reduce cloth prices.
  • Take a shift off or voluntarily shut down machines.
  • Produce only as per orders.
  • Innovate with new creations and designs.

The association hopes that weavers will heed this advice and adjust their strategies accordingly.