Surat : Collapse of Dilapidated Apartment Sparks Fear

Janakpuri Apartment Incident Raises Safety Concerns

Surat : Collapse of Dilapidated Apartment Sparks Fear

On the late night of 12 May 2024, a section of Janakpuri Apartment, a dilapidated building on Honeypark Road in Adajan, collapsed, triggering fear among nearby residents. The building, previously evacuated by the Surat Municipal Corporation due to its poor condition, had not been demolished safely, leading to the accident.

The collapse, which occurred around 2:30 am, affected the first floor of the apartment. Debris from the collapse struck the wall of Pratiksha Row House, a neighboring society, prompting residents to evacuate in fear. Fortunately, the incident took place at a time of low traffic, preventing any major accidents or casualties.

Local residents expressed frustration, citing repeated complaints to the Municipal Corporation about the unsafe building. They highlighted the Corporation's failure to take timely action, which has left people living in fear. Residents fear that had the incident occurred during the day, the consequences could have been catastrophic.

Following the incident, Municipal Corporation officials visited the site to investigate. Immediate steps are being taken to safely remove the dilapidated building to prevent any further mishaps.

This incident underscores the urgent need for the Municipal Corporation to address the safety of dilapidated buildings in Surat. Residents and authorities alike are calling for swift action to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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