Surat Students Learn the ABCs of Health at Sankalp Sampooran Swasthay Seminar

Surat Students Learn the ABCs of Health at Sankalp Sampooran Swasthay  Seminar

Surat : The Surat Pediatrics Association Charitable Trust and Adolescent Health Academy Surat collaborated to organize the Sankalp Sampooran Swasthay Seminar at Bhulka Vihar School, educating students and teachers about healthy lifestyle choices. Over 50 students and 50 teachers from 20 other schools participated in the "training of trainers" program, gaining valuable knowledge to share with their communities.

Experts Shed Light on Balanced Diet, Exercise, and Screen Time

Dr. Prashant Kariya emphasized the importance of a balanced diet, highlighting the importance of a rainbow of fruits and water breaks throughout the day. He encouraged limiting packaged foods and sugary drinks, suggesting challenges like "Say No to Junk Food" to promote healthy habits.

Dr. Ashwini Shah stressed the importance of daily exercise, urging participants to engage in sweat-inducing activities for at least an hour. He highlighted the long-term benefits of regular exercise, including reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Managing Screen Time and Mental Health

Dr. Mahesh Patel addressed the growing concern of screen time, recommending limiting it to less than an hour and avoiding screens during meals and before bedtime. He emphasized the importance of adequate sleep, particularly for teenagers, to ensure proper growth and development.

Dr. Sushma Desai focused on mental health, guiding participants on using a "feeling-meter" to track emotions and transform negative thoughts into positive ones. She encouraged daily meditation or yoga practices for mental well-being.

Saying No to Harmful Habits

Dr. Keuri Shah delivered a strong message against tobacco and addictive substances, urging students to avoid peer pressure and make healthy choices. He emphasized the importance of saying no and avoiding situations that could lead to addiction.

Empowering Youth and Educators

The Sankalp Sampooran Swasthay Seminar served as a valuable platform for young people and educators to gain knowledge and practical tips for maintaining good health. By sharing this information with their peers and communities, they can contribute to building a healthier future for Surat.