Gujarat Inter-Corporation T20 Cricket Tournament Kicks Off in Vadodara

Mayor's XI and Commissioner's XI Teams from Eight Municipalities to Compete for Championship

Gujarat Inter-Corporation T20 Cricket Tournament Kicks Off in Vadodara

Vadodara will host the six-day Inter-Corporation T20 Cricket Tournament for all corporations of Gujarat from 31st March to 5th April. Teams representing the Mayor's XI and Commissioner's XI from eight municipalities, including Vadodara Corporation, will participate in the annual competition.

The Vadodara Corporation has organized the event and proposed granting the Municipal Commissioner authority over purchasing and expenditure decisions for the tournament. The Standing Committee is currently reviewing this proposal for approval.

To ensure a successful event, essential facilities and services will be provided to players, umpires, coaches, commentators, managers, and support staff. These provisions include hotel accommodations, transportation, on-site lighting and parking, cricket equipment, player uniforms and shoes, trophies, prizes, medals, advertising, refreshments, security, entertainment, and social media live telecasts. Expenses will also cover medical services such as a doctor on-site and necessary medications.

Funding for the tournament will be sourced from sports activities, rituals programs, and related budgets. The proposal submitted to the Standing Committee seeks to give the power commissioner the authority to make payments without deducting any contingencies other than expenditure and purchase.