Missing Patient Found Dead in Surat's Rander Area

Family in Mourning After Man Disappears from Civil Hospital During Treatment

Missing Patient Found Dead in Surat's Rander Area

A patient who went missing from Surat Civil Hospital after being admitted for treatment was found dead in the Rander area. The family is now mourning the loss of their loved one, who was brought to the hospital for back injuries sustained after falling from a table.

The patient, Appa Ahire, disappeared during treatment at the hospital. After leaving the patient, his relatives went to the Emergency Board to collect the case papers, only to find him missing upon their return. Despite searching for him, the patient's whereabouts remained unknown until his body was discovered in the Rander area.

Deepak Ahir, the patient's son, said that his father was brought to the Civil Hospital for treatment following his fall. His aunt accompanied him while Deepak went to collect the case papers. As he didn't have any money with him, Deepak returned home to retrieve funds and arrived back at the hospital within an hour. However, when they inquired about the patient, the doctor informed them that no one fitting their description had come in for treatment.

Deepak and his aunt searched for the missing father around the Civil Hospital and its surroundings but were unable to find him. They later learned that Rander Police had discovered his body and brought it in for a post-mortem examination.

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