Rajkot Imitation Jewelery Park Proposed to Boost Industry and Employment

Rajkot Imitation Jewelery Park Proposed to Boost Industry and Employment

The Rajkot Imitation Jewelery Market Association, along with MLA Uday Kangar, recently met with Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel to request approval for the establishment of an imitation jewelery park in Rajkot. The proposed park is estimated to cost around Rs 450 crore, with an investment of approximately 700 units, and will create employment opportunities for around 6-7 lakh people in and around the Rajkot district.

Asia's Largest Imitation Jewelery Market

Rajkot city is home to the largest imitation jewelery market in Asia, where imitation jewelery is sold both domestically and internationally. This industry, which is classified as a medium and small-scale cottage industry, provides livelihoods to around 4-5 lakh people in Rajkot, including 3 lakh women.

The Benefits of an Imitation Jewelery Park

The proposed imitation jewelery park is expected to provide huge export opportunities, allowing the industry to compete with the world's largest imitation jewelery manufacturers, such as China. The park will create ample employment opportunities and enable the country to earn significant foreign exchange through imitation jewelery exports to ten different countries.

Positive Response from the Government

Jignesh Shah, the President of the Imitation Jewelery Association, stated that the government is positive towards the park's establishment, and the Chief Minister has assured them that the proposal will be taken forward. The association has requested 2 lakh square meters of space for the park's construction, and the government is expected to complete the administrative process soon.