Star India Organizes Nest Making Competition to Save Endangered Sparrows

Star India Organizes Nest Making Competition to Save Endangered Sparrows

As the influence of science and technology continues to grow, environmental challenges are on the rise. The ambitious desires of development have created an odd situation for animals and birds. Many bird species, including sparrows, are disappearing due to the increasing number of cement-concrete jungles being built. To save these little creatures, efforts are being made to provide them with nests, including a recent competition organized by Star India.

The competition, held in Vadodara, had a category for four different age groups, and over 580 entries were received from across the country. The nests were creatively designed, with some resembling iconic structures such as Red Fort, Taj Mahal, and Bird House Colony.

The competition's curator, Pooja Patel, said that it has been organized for three years and has received a positive response from different cities. The jury inspected the nests and announced the top three winners. The unique bird houses have been made in Vadodara city with special arrangements to attract the sparrows.

One participant, Yutika Mistry, a Class 8 student from Vadodara, created a special colony for the sparrows. She said, "I have made a special colony for them. In which arrangements have been made so that they can go and sit outside comfortably. Such arrangements are needed to save the sparrow from the threat to their existence."

The competition provides a creative and innovative solution to the challenge of saving endangered sparrows, and the participation of young students shows that efforts to raise awareness about conservation are paying off.

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