Surat Records 50th Organ Donation, Inspiring Hope and Saving Lives

Family of Brain-Dead Youth Donates Two Kidneys, Liver, and Two Lungs

Surat Records 50th Organ Donation, Inspiring Hope and Saving Lives

SURAT : Surat, once known as the land of donors, has now rightfully earned the title of the city of organ donors. New Civil Hospital in Surat has recorded an incredible milestone, achieving the 50th organ donation within the span of just one year, from last Diwali to this year's Diwali. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the growing awareness and acceptance of organ donation in the city.

The 50th organ donation was a heart-wrenching yet inspiring story of the Gambit family. Their 28-year-old son, Kamalbhai Gameet, a tribal youth from Tapi district, met with a tragic accident on November 8th. Despite receiving immediate medical attention, Kamalbhai succumbed to his injuries and was declared brain-dead on November 20th.

In the face of their immense grief, the Gambit family made an extraordinary decision that would give new life to four individuals. They selflessly agreed to donate Kamalbhai's organs, including two kidneys, liver, and two lungs. Their noble act of kindness will bring hope and a fresh start to four people who were desperately waiting for a second chance at life.

Dr. Ketan Nayak, Dr. Nilesh Kachadia, Iqbal Kadiwala of Nursing Council, and Nirmala Kathude played a pivotal role in counseling the Gambit family and explaining the significance of organ donation. Their guidance and support were instrumental in enabling the family to make this difficult yet life-altering decision.

The Gambit family's selfless act has set an exemplary benchmark of humanity, demonstrating the power of compassion and the profound impact one individual can have on the lives of others. Their decision to donate Kamalbhai's organs will not only save the lives of four individuals but also inspire countless others to consider organ donation, potentially saving countless more lives in the future.

The success of this 50th organ donation is a collective effort of the New Civil Hospital team, Surat Police, SOTO team, medical officers, nursing and security staff, volunteers, and the Gambit family. Their dedication, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to organ donation have made this remarkable achievement possible.

As Surat continues to embrace organ donation, it sets an inspiring example for other cities to follow. The city's dedication to saving lives and improving the lives of others is truly commendable. With continued awareness and support, Surat is poised to become a beacon of hope for those awaiting organ transplants.

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