Rickshaw Puller Falls Victim to Robbery in Ahmedabad

Investigation underway as rickshaw puller is robbed after being fed intoxicants

Rickshaw Puller Falls Victim to Robbery in Ahmedabad

In a distressing incident that emerged from Ahmedabad, a rickshaw puller became the unsuspected victim of robbery, a crime perpetrated by a female passenger he had picked up from Maninagar railway station. The incident has gripped the local community in fear and sympathy, presenting a scenario where even those offering services are not safe from predatory actions.

Shivnarayan Yadav, a seasoned rickshaw puller who resides in the Kagdapeeth area and earns his living by ferrying passengers, fell victim to this unforeseen assault. On the day of the incident, he had been waiting for passengers outside the bustling Maninagar railway station when he was approached by a girl wearing a scarf that concealed most of her face, a regular precaution in the times of health safety. The passenger requested to be transported to Rakhiyal, a task Yadav willingly undertook.

Upon reaching Rakhiyal, the passenger visited Meldi Maa’s temple. She returned with Prasad - a religious offering often distributed after worship, and handed it over to Yadav as a gesture of goodwill. However, the Prasad contained intoxicants that rendered Yadav unconscious shortly after consumption.

The rickshaw puller regained consciousness four days later only to find himself in the Civil Hospital, robbed of his gold ring, mobile phone, and a sum of cash. The loss of his belongings coupled with the traumatic experience has left Yadav and his family in a state of distress and mistrust.

Yadav's son, Vijay Yadav, communicated the ordeal of not being able to properly identify the assailant due to her covered face, a detail that has subsequently hampered the police investigation. The perpetrator maintained her disguised appearance throughout the journey, including during her stop at Nana Chilauda, rendering her identification difficult.

The Maninagar police have lodged a formal complaint regarding the incident and are fervently working to track down the culprit, leveraging CCTV footage from the surrounding areas in their ongoing investigation. The community is urged to remain vigilant and report any information that might aid in bringing the perpetrator to justice.

This alarming event stands as a somber reminder to service providers and passengers alike to remain cautious and safeguard themselves against potential criminals who may exploit the trust and norms of societal interactions. It paints a grim picture of the security concerns faced by daily wage earners like rickshaw pullers who brave the day-to-day uncertainties to earn a livelihood.

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