Surat Municipal Corporation Launches Women-Exclusive Pink Bus Service

The pilot project is part of the initiative to curb pollution and enhance safety and comfort for women commuters

Surat Municipal Corporation Launches Women-Exclusive Pink Bus Service

In a bid to foster a safer and more comfortable public transportation environment for women, the Surat Municipal Corporation has inaugurated the Pink Ladies Bus service. This pioneering initiative saw its commencement on the route from Sarthana Nature Park to ONGC, with prospects to introduce more routes based on public demand in the forthcoming days.

This milestone follows the corporation's sustained efforts to curb pollution through the enhancement of the public transport infrastructure. Only a while ago, the introduction of e-buses signalled a paradigm shift, steering away from traditional diesel buses to a greener alternative. The ambitious blueprint entails a complete transition to electric buses on all city routes by the end of 2025, symbolizing a significant stride towards environmental conservation.

"The inception of the Pink Bus service marks a progressive step towards accommodating the specific needs of women commuters, providing them with a safe and comfortable travel experience," noted a spokesperson for the Surat Municipal Corporation during the flag-off ceremony of the Pink Ladies Bus.

The officials have undertaken a systematic phased implementation, commencing with the newly launched Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) and City Transit (CT) services. The choice of the Sarthana Nature Park to ONGC as the debut route underpins the commitment to foster connectivity between pivotal points in the city while prioritizing the convenience of daily commuters.

With over 2.5 lakh passengers utilizing the municipal corporation's public transport services daily, the inception of the Pink Bus service emerges as a promising endeavor to facilitate an exclusive space for women, ensuring their safety and comfort during their commute.

The decision to launch a women-exclusive bus service stemmed from a demand raised in a previous general meeting of the municipality, embodying a responsive approach to the public's needs and concerns.

As the Pink Ladies Bus embarks on its inaugural journey, the city of Surat holds hopeful anticipation for the positive impact it is set to imprint on the community, enhancing the daily commute for thousands of women in the city while paving the way for a pollution-free and inclusive future in public transportation.

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