Accountability Measures Implemented in Surat for Monsoon Preparedness

Municipal Officers To Certify Gutter Cleaning, Face Actions For Waterlogging

Accountability Measures Implemented in Surat for Monsoon Preparedness

Surat: With monsoon looming, the city is shoring up its preparedness. As a part of this, the Municipal Commissioner has initiated a system of accountability for officers to ensure that the city does not succumb to waterlogging. The onus is now on the officers to confirm the cleanliness of rain gutter nets and face potential repercussions if they fail in their duties.

During a meeting led by Municipal Commissioner Shalini Aggarwal, attended by circle officers, divisional officers, and city engineers, the status of the pre-monsoon preparations was discussed. The Commissioner reviewed the progress of creek cleaning, maintenance of storm lines, and pruning of hazardous trees. She also checked on the condition of dilapidated buildings.

In this meeting, a significant decision was made. Going forward, Zonal Officers will have to provide a certificate affirming that the rain nets have been appropriately cleaned. If waterlogging occurs during the monsoon, the officer who certified the area will be held responsible and face action.

The Commissioner emphasized the importance of efficient teamwork between various departments. She secured the Horticulture Department's commitment to handle the pruning of dangerous trees, obtained a list of dilapidated properties from the Urban Development Department, and gathered desilting information from the Drainage Department.

In a strategic move, the Commissioner also invited Metro Rail officials to the meeting to assess the impact of monsoon preparations on metro route operations. The information gathered was then coordinated with municipal officials and subsequently submitted to the GMRC. As the monsoon season approaches, this collaborative and accountable approach is hoped to reduce the potential for flooding in Surat.