AMNS International School Celebrates Stellar CBSE Grade X Results, Sets Bar High in Sanskrit

Eight Students Achieve Perfect Score in Sanskrit; School Topper Asmita Amte Scores Overall 97.8%

AMNS International School Celebrates Stellar CBSE Grade X Results, Sets Bar High in Sanskrit

Hazira-Surat, 17th May 2023: AMNS International School in Hazira-Surat's ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India (AM/NS India) township is celebrating a triumphant 100 percent pass rate in the recent Grade X CBSE examinations. Eight particularly commendable students have made headlines by achieving a perfect score of 100 in the challenging Sanskrit subject.

Among the 92 students who contributed to the school's stellar achievement, Asmita Amte emerged as the top performer with an impressive 97.8% overall score. Not far behind were Jainam Panchal with 97% and Udayan Sastri with 96.8%.

The eight Sanskrit wizards - Asmita Amte, Jainam Panchal, Udayan Shastri, Divyanshu Rai, Shambhavi Srivatsava, Arnav Mangoli, Khushboo Yadav, and Ayushi Ranjan - made their mark by securing a perfect score in the subject. This remarkable achievement was almost mirrored by three other students who scored an outstanding 99 out of 100 in Sanskrit.

In addition, the school boasted high scores in other subjects too, with one student securing 99 out of 100 in both English and Social Science, and 98 being the highest score in Mathematics and Hindi.

Sunita Matoo, Principal of AMNS International School, expressed her admiration and congratulated the students and faculty. "Our students have upheld our tradition of exceptional performance in CBSE board exams. I congratulate them all for their outstanding results and wish them the best for their future studies. This success story wouldn't be possible without the dedicated efforts of our teachers," she noted.

The overall performance of the school was equally noteworthy. More than 80% of the students scored 80% or above, around 12% of students secured between 70 and 80%, while the remaining 7% managed to score above 60%.