Tragic Fire in Rajkot Game Zone Claims 24 Lives

Many of the victims were children; rescue operations underway

Tragic Fire in Rajkot Game Zone Claims 24 Lives

Rajkot – A massive fire erupted in a gaming zone in Rajkot on Saturday evening, resulting in the tragic deaths of at least 24 people, many of whom were children. The fire, which engulfed a temporary structure in the TRP Game Zone, extinguished the lamps of many families, leaving the community in deep sorrow.

Immediate Response and Rescue Efforts

Relief and rescue operations are currently in full swing, with numerous fire engines deployed to control the blaze and search for survivors. Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has instructed the Rajkot Municipal Corporation and other administrative bodies to prioritize rescue efforts and ensure the injured receive immediate medical attention.

Ongoing Rescue Operations

Fire Station Officer RA Joban emphasized the ongoing nature of the rescue mission, noting that the exact number of casualties is yet to be determined. "We are bringing down the bodies from both sides. Search and rescue operations are ongoing," he reported.

Summer Vacation Tragedy

The fire broke out during the summer vacation period, a time when many children and students were present in the gaming zone. Rajkot Municipal Corporation Commissioner Anand Patel mentioned that the precise death toll would be confirmed after the completion of rescue operations. "Our focus right now is on rescue and relief operations," he said.

Community and Government Reactions

BJP MLA Darshita Shah expressed profound grief over the incident, calling it an unprecedented tragedy for Rajkot. "This is the first time in the history of Rajkot that children have lost their lives due to a fire in a gaming zone. The rescue team is doing their best to save as many people as possible," she remarked. Shah assured that while immediate rescue is the priority, the government will take appropriate action following the incident.

As efforts to control the fire and rescue those trapped inside continue, the city of Rajkot mourns the loss of innocent lives and hopes for the swift recovery of the injured.

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