SGTPA and GMDC Discuss Coal Prices and Quality

Textile industry seeks relief from rising coal costs in Tadkeshwar mine

SGTPA and GMDC Discuss Coal Prices and Quality

In a crucial meeting held today, representatives from the South Gujarat Textile Processors Association (SGTPA) and Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC) discussed the pressing issues of coal pricing and quality. SGTPA presidents Jitubhai Vakharia and Vinod Aggarwal led the discussion with GMDC officials regarding the coal supplied from the Tadkeshwar mine.

Jitubhai Vakharia raised concerns about the rising coal prices, emphasizing the growing financial burden on the textile industry. He urged GMDC to consider reducing the prices to alleviate this strain.

Responding to these concerns, GMDC officials assured SGTPA of their commitment to making every effort to lower coal prices. They also confirmed that Tadkeshwar mine currently has sufficient coal reserves to meet the industrial demand, with supply allocations planned from June to August.

Additionally, GMDC officials promised that the coal supplied from Tadkeshwar mine would be of high quality, containing minimal amounts of sulphur, stone, and clay. This assurance aims to meet the textile industry's requirements for both cost-efficiency and quality.

This meeting marks a positive step towards cooperation between SGTPA and GMDC. The outcomes are expected to benefit the textile industry through reduced coal costs and improved quality, fostering a more sustainable operational environment.