If Pakistan makes a mistake then Bundelkhandi shell will fall: Amit Shah

If Pakistan makes a mistake then Bundelkhandi shell will fall: Amit Shah

Jhansi, 18 May (HS): union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah, while addressing a public meeting in Jhansi on Saturday in support of Anurag Sharma, said that the dust of Rahul Baba's Indi alliance has been wiped off. Modi ji is going to become the Prime Minister of India for the third time by winning 270 seats in the four phases of elections held so far.

If Pakistan makes a mistake then Bundelkhandi shell will fall on it.

Amit Shah said that after Modi became the Prime Minister, Yogi became the Chief Minister and the development of Uttar Pradesh started. There was a time when desi kattas were made in UP. But Modi built a defense corridor in Bundelkhand, now cannon balls are made here. If Pakistan commits any mistake, this Bundelkhandi ball will fall on Pakistan and annihilate it.

He said that once upon a time, Bahubali from Bundelkhand used to travel across the country. You make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister for the third time, our Bundelkhand will work to send industrialists from here to the whole country instead of Bahubali. He said that this election is an election for the development of the country. This election is to secure the country. This election is an election to protect our religion and culture. This election is an election to make India great. This election is an election for the welfare of the poor of the country and this election is an election to quench the thirst of Bundelkhand.

Appealing to BJP to make Lok Sabha candidate Anurag Sharma victorious, Mr Shah said that this land had fought before the Mughals and also before the British. Now Bundelkhand also has to fight against the native British present in our country. He said that those who do politics for sons and daughters cannot do any good to the country. Narendra Modi has worked to free the country from terrorism in 10 years.

Amit Shah told the people of Jhansi that on one side are Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav, born with a silver spoon. On the other hand, our leader Narendra Modi was born in a poor tea seller's house. On one hand, there is Samajwadi Party which opened fire on Ram devotees. On the other hand, it is Narendra Modi who built Ram temple. On one side, in this election, there is Indi Alliance which is involved in scams worth Rs 12 lakh crore. On the other hand, there is Modi, who has been on the post of Chief Minister and Prime Minister for 23 years, but no one can blame him for even 25 paise.

The Home Minister said that the Congress party wants to break the country. Their leaders say that the country should be divided into two parts, South India and North India. I want to tell that Modi is going to come again and no one can break India during Modi's tenure. Not only this, Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar has said that give respect to Pakistan, they have atom bomb, do not ask for PoK from them. I want to tell them that this is Narendra Modi's government, we are not afraid of atom bomb, PoK belongs to India, will remain and we will take it.

Amit Shah was welcomed in the public meeting by presenting him a mace. Many prominent leaders including Legislative Council Chairman Kunwar Manvendra Singh, BJP candidate Anurag Sharma and Minister of State Manohar Lal Munnu Kori were present on the stage.