Surat : Textile Ministry's Prajkata Verma Visits Pandesara CETP

Focus on Subsidies and Water Conservation for CETP and Process Houses

Surat : Textile Ministry's Prajkata Verma Visits Pandesara CETP

Ms. Prajkata Verma, IAS, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, visited Pandesara CETP today. During her visit, she discussed the CETP process with stakeholders and process house representatives.

The Ministry of Textiles is considering various measures to help CETPs and process houses flourish. These measures include providing subsidies for installing equipment, with a focus on water conservation.

SGTPA Chairman Jitendra Vakharia, Pandesara CETP Chairman Kamalvijay Tulsyan, Palsana CETP Chairman Ravindra Arya, GPCB RO Jigyasaben Ojha, Shyambhai Aggarwal, and other industrialists were present at the meeting.

Key points of the meeting included:

  • Improving the efficiency and productivity of CETPs and process houses
  • Providing subsidies for water conservation equipment
  • Offering financial assistance to CETPs and process houses
  • Developing industry-friendly policies

These measures are expected to strengthen CETPs and process houses, enabling them to contribute significantly to the growth of the Indian textile industry.