Seminar on Public Speaking and Communication Skills

SGCCI Hosts Event to Enhance Public Speaking Abilities

Seminar on Public Speaking and Communication Skills

The South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) took a proactive step in enhancing communication skills by hosting a seminar titled "Public Speaking and Power of Communication" on Friday, 10th May 2024, at Samriddhi in Nanpura, Surat. The event was spearheaded by Nikhil Madrasi, the Vice President of SGCCI and the current Honorary Minister.

During the seminar, Madrasi highlighted the scarcity of effective speakers capable of disseminating positive messages in society. He addressed common reasons for public speaking apprehension, including lack of confidence, the misconception that speakers are born, limited opportunities, and ignorance of the right to freedom of expression.

Madrasi dispelled these misconceptions, asserting that effective speaking is a skill that can be acquired through training, enriched vocabulary, and knowledge. He acknowledged that initial confidence might be lacking but emphasized that it can be developed through persistent efforts.

He underscored the importance of using words judiciously, stating that a single misused word could significantly alter the message. Madrasi encouraged speakers to remain undaunted, regardless of the audience's seniority, as the speaker is paramount on the stage.

Additionally, he elaborated on essential qualities for effective speaking, including posture, facial and hand gestures, eye contact, voice modulation, pauses, language clarity, and emphasis on key points. Madrasi also discussed structuring speeches, different types of speakers and speeches, and speech preparation methods.

The seminar commenced with a welcome address by Mahesh Pamnani, the Chairman of the center. Mrs. Mayuriben Vijaybhai Mewawala honored Madrasi with a felicitation for his insightful session.

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