Surat Textile Entrepreneurs Informed About Quality Control Order for Polyester Fiber

Requested to apply for BIS at the earliest

Surat Textile Entrepreneurs Informed About Quality Control Order for Polyester Fiber

The South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) and Yarn Manufacturers and Weaving Committee of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) - Surat Branch Office organized an Industrial Awareness Program on the Quality Control Order (QCO) of Polyester Fiber. BIS-Surat Senior Director and Head S.K. Singh and Joint Director Shikha Rana briefed the industrialists about the QCO on Polyester and Textiles.

Ramesh Vaghasia, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce, acknowledged that it might be challenging for the industry to comply with the QCO immediately. However, he emphasized that garment manufacturers must adhere to specific standards to deliver their products and services worldwide. Discussions with various authorities are ongoing, and the Chamber of Commerce is providing representations to address the industry's concerns.

S.K. Singh announced that the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers had issued QCOs on five polyester yarn products in textiles, initially set to be implemented on October 3. However, the QCO implementation has been postponed to April 3, 2023. He assured entrepreneurs that BIS would strive to identify and resolve technical issues.

Singh detailed the requirements and equipment necessary for manufacturers to obtain BIS certification, including a polyester yarn manufacturing facility, process control, BIS-accredited laboratory-approved testing equipment, and qualified testing personnel. He encouraged industrialists to apply for BIS certification online as soon as possible, explaining the registration and application process on the portal.

Joint Director Shikha Rana informed the attendees about the standardization and quality certification provided by BIS for various textile products, including specifications for 100% polyester spun gray and white yarn (IS 1726:2022) and polyester textured yarn (IS 1787:2022). She also discussed the requirements for obtaining BIS certification and associated equipment.

Girdhar Gopal Mundra, Group President of the Chamber, requested a one-year extension for QCO implementation, citing insufficient time for industrialists to obtain BIS certification. Other entrepreneurs at the event also expressed difficulties in understanding the complex quality control mechanism of polyester yarn and urged BIS officials to extend the QCO mandate.