Counterfeit Shampoo Factory Busted in Surat

Three Businessmen Arrested, Items Worth Over 7 Lakhs Seized

Counterfeit Shampoo Factory Busted in Surat

Police in Surat have uncovered a counterfeit shampoo operation in the Utran area and arrested three traders involved in producing and selling fake Head and Shoulders shampoo. The illicit factory was located in Vedanta Industries, where counterfeit shampoo was filled into genuine bottles and sold to traders with the promise of high profits.

The Head and Shoulders company became aware of the operation and conducted an investigation, eventually informing the police. A joint raid by the Utran Police and Surat Crime Branch resulted in the seizure of more than INR 7 lakhs worth of fake shampoos, empty bottles, barrels filled with shampoo, and counterfeit stickers.

The three arrested businessmen, Jameel Bharodia, Hardik Bharodia, and Nikunj, now face legal action as the police continue their investigation into the counterfeit shampoo operation.

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