Apple's Innovative Foldable iPhone Aims to Minimize Damage from Drops

New Patent Application Reveals Self-Retracting Display Technology

Apple's Innovative Foldable iPhone Aims to Minimize Damage from Drops

Apple is reportedly developing a groundbreaking technology that will allow iPhones and iPads with flexible screens to detect when they are dropped and automatically fold up to minimize potential damage. The tech giant's new patent application, titled "Self-Retracting Display Device And Techniques For Protecting Screen Using Drop Detection," has been revealed by AppleInsider.

According to the patent application, the display itself can decide to retract or detach, independent of the device's folding mechanism or hinge, or whether a screen can be removed from the base chassis. The screen can then fold or detach in a manner that protects it instead of relying on a potentially fragile hinge system.

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The application states that mobile devices with foldable and rollable displays can use a sensor to detect vertical acceleration (e.g., acceleration with respect to the ground) to determine if the device has been dropped. If the sensor detects a drop, the foldable device can retract at least partially to protect the fragile display from hitting the ground.

Apple's patent application suggests two possible options for this technology: retracting the screen or releasing it. The process can involve activating a release mechanism for a hinged connection between a first display and a second display of the electronic device when the vertical acceleration exceeds a predetermined threshold. This activation reduces the angle between the two displays below a specific threshold angle, helping to protect the device from damage during a fall.