Gujarat : New Book on Dhirubhai Ambani Unveiled: A Source of Inspiration for India's Youth

Governor Acharya Devvrat and Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel Attend the Unveiling, Highlighting the Book's Emphasis on Effort Over Destiny

Gujarat : New Book on Dhirubhai Ambani Unveiled: A Source of Inspiration for India's Youth

Gandhinagar – A new book on the life and legacy of Dhirubhai Ambani, the megastar entrepreneur who revolutionized India's economic landscape, was launched in a grand ceremony yesterday. The event was graced by Governor Acharya Devvrat and Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, who both spoke on the book's profound significance for India's emerging generations.

Titled 'Ekmev Dhirubhai Ambani', the book is authored by Parimal Nathwani, a Rajya Sabha MP and Director of Corporate Affairs at Reliance Industries Limited. It has been published in Gujarati, Hindi, and English, expanding its reach to a diverse readership.

Governor Acharya Devvrat remarked during the ceremony that Ambani’s life and teachings are an invaluable source of inspiration for young Indians. He lauded the business magnate for his contributions to India's economic development and self-reliance through abundant job creation. "Dhirubhai Ambani remains an iconic figure in the hearts of Indians, 21 years after his passing. His life story is a testament to the impact one individual can make when driven by service, aspiration, and the welfare of the nation," the Governor stated.

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel echoed the sentiment, citing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's poetic lines to emphasize that the book makes a compelling argument for effort trumping destiny. "Dhirubhai Ambani had a willpower as tall as the Himalayas, even when he lacked the initial capital to set up an industry. He has made Gujarat and India proud, earning a posthumous Padma Vibhushan Award in 2016," the Chief Minister said.

The book’s foreword has been penned by Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited. It also includes a series of articles by the author that have been published in various newspapers over the years, documenting his close relationship with Ambani and the business tycoon's indelible impact on his life.

On his part, Parimal Nathwani stated, "The content of this book naturally reflects Dhirubhai Ambani’s influence on me—his ideals, my observations, and personal experiences."

The launch event, held at Raj Bhawan in Gandhinagar, was attended by numerous dignitaries including Minister Harsh Sanghvi, various MPs, MLAs, heads of industrial houses, and senior government officials, marking it as a significant moment in India's literary and entrepreneurial circles.