Vadodara : Married Woman Files Police Complaint Against In-laws

Vadodara : Married Woman Files Police Complaint Against In-laws

Vadodara — A married woman from Gorwa has filed a police complaint against her husband and in-laws after they allegedly left for Australia without her knowledge, following ongoing domestic disputes. The husband, who is employed in Melbourne, and his family are accused of threatening to defame the woman, who was left at her parent's home in Vadodara.

According to the police complaint, the couple had a court marriage in Vadodara in 2022, followed by a traditional ceremony in Ludhiana as per societal customs. After their wedding, the woman moved to Ludhiana to live with her husband's family. Her husband, employed in Melbourne, Australia, had assured her that they would move to Melbourne after the wedding. However, family tensions escalated after the marriage.

In March 2023, the woman's parents brought her back to Vadodara due to rising family conflicts. Shortly after, her husband and in-laws left for Melbourne without informing her, leading her to file a police complaint alleging threats to defame her.

The matter is currently under police investigation, and legal proceedings are expected to follow. 

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