Surat ST Department to Run 2,500 Additional Buses for Upcoming Diwali Festival

Enhanced Services Aim to Ease Commute and Curb Exploitation by Private Bus Operators

Surat ST Department to Run 2,500 Additional Buses for Upcoming Diwali Festival

Surat — In a move to facilitate easier and safer travel during the upcoming Diwali festival, the Surat State Transport (ST) Department has announced plans to operate more than 2,500 additional buses. Scheduled to run from November 7 to November 11, the department has also implemented online, current, and group booking options for the convenience of passengers.

Multiple Booking Options

The ST Department's new plan provides commuters with three booking options—online, current, and group bookings—to ensure ease of travel. For group bookings, a provision has been made to accommodate up to 50 passengers, with the added advantage of bus pickup near residential gates or society entrances.

Pick-Up Points and Destinations

Buses directed towards Saurashtra will operate from Dharukawala College, Kapodra. In contrast, buses headed towards North Gujarat, Panchmahal, and Mahisagar will depart from the Central Bus Depot. "Last year's additional bus services received an overwhelming response, benefiting approximately 60,000 to 70,000 people," an ST Department spokesperson said. "We expect even more passengers to avail themselves of the services this year."

A Welcome Respite for Commuters

The additional bus services are especially beneficial given the high travel demand during Diwali and the exploitative fares charged by some private bus operators. "This decision is a big relief and a gift to the people, especially those who travel to their villages for the festival," said an ST Department official.

With these comprehensive plans in place, the Surat ST Department aims to not only accommodate the surge in passenger numbers but also to provide a more organized, economical, and safe travel option for Diwali commuters.