Saurashtra University Issues Controversial Dress Code Circular for Girls' Hostels

Vice Chancellor in-charge Insists "These are just rules, not circular"

Saurashtra University Issues Controversial Dress Code Circular for Girls' Hostels

Rajkot — Saurashtra University, a Rajkot-based institution frequently making headlines for various issues, is once again in the news. The university issued a circular on Wednesday detailing a list of 28 rules for girls residing in its hostels, which includes a dress code banning "modest and short clothes."

The circular for the academic year 2023-24 specifies that girl students are not allowed to wear short dresses in girls' hostels. Furthermore, it directs them to wear "modest clothes" in the prayer and dining halls. Additionally, the circular sets the girls' hostel fee at Rs 1,000 per session and an electricity charge of Rs 500 per session. The document also mentions that if students wish to host female guests known to their families, they must first obtain permission from the Rector. The presence of students in the hostel will be closely monitored as per the new rules.

Student reactions to the circular have been far from positive. Many claim that the dress code is an attempt to divert attention from an alleged scam involving the university's merit list. "We are well aware of what kind of attire is appropriate for different settings," one student argued.

In response to the uproar, Vice Chancellor in-charge of Saurashtra University, Dr. Girish Bhimani, clarified the intent behind the controversial circular. "The dress code restriction applies only to areas like the dining and prayer rooms and is identical for both male and female students," he said. Dr. Bhimani further emphasized that the dress code constitutes "rules" rather than an official circular, though the explanation did little to quell the controversy surrounding the decision.

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