Cyber Cell Cracks Down on Online Fraud Ring Operating Out of Vadodara

Multi-state scam involving massive transactions and exploitation rings busted; mastermind and accomplices behind bars

Cyber Cell Cracks Down on Online Fraud Ring Operating Out of Vadodara

Vadodara - The local Cyber Cell has put a halt to a well-organized online fraud ring, apprehending six individuals involved in an expansive scam crossing state and international borders. The arrests took place across various cities including Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Bhavnagar, unraveling a complex web spun by this gang that operated a fraudulent scheme involving bank account kits and SIM cards being sent to Dubai.

Led by the purported mastermind Jigar Shukla, an MBA graduate based in Ahmedabad, the gang lured unsuspecting individuals with promises of part-time job opportunities and convincing YouTube channel deals. The connivers would then siphon significant sums as "deposits," assured under the pretense of substantial returns.

Jatin Patel, working as a banking agent, facilitated the opening of bank accounts using details of loan holders and acquaintances, setting the foundation for their deceitful operations. Khalid and Riyaz of Bhavnagar were responsible for procuring SIM cards, while Sandeep Pandya of Ahmedabad coordinated the dispatch of these bank kits to Pradyuman Singh in Gandhinagar, who in turn ensured their delivery to contacts in Dubai.

Initial reports from the police reveal staggering numbers tied to this operation, with transactions amounting to over Rs 22 crore conducted through 30 bank accounts managed from Dubai. The enormity of the operation is yet unfolding as authorities delve deeper, tracing over 300 transactions across various states.

The scammers adopted a calculated approach to expedite the account opening process. Utilizing a single address but attributing it to diverse firms, they managed to assemble multiple bank agents within a short span, creating a multitude of bank accounts swiftly.

A heart-wrenching revelation from the interrogation showcased their ruthlessness, extracting a monumental sum of Rs 21.97 lakh from a young engineer named Jitendra Badgujar, under the sham of online tasks.

As the Vadodara Cyber Cell intensifies its investigation, efforts are underway to secure a reimbursement for the victims, spearheading a mission to bring justice to the affected. The arrested individuals face severe charges, with the law enforcement leaving no stone unturned in this multi-faceted investigation.

Among those detained are individuals with respectable backgrounds including government contractors and a banking agent, showcasing the deep roots of this fraudulent ring. The suspects are identified as Jigar Shukla (50), Jatin Patel, Sandeep Pandya, Pradyuman Singh, Riyaz Pathan, and Khalid Khan, each hailing from different parts of Gujarat.

As the city recoils from the shock of this revelation, it remains hopeful that justice will prevail, serving as a stringent warning to others harboring nefarious plans. The Vadodara Cyber Cell stands vigilant, echoing a strong message to fraudsters that their days are numbered.

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