Surat Police Arrests Three Minors for Brandishing Plastic Gun on Public Road

The Teenagers were Creating a Social Media "Reel" in an Attempt to Gain Popularity

Surat Police Arrests Three Minors for Brandishing Plastic Gun on Public Road

SURAT: As the influence of social media escalates, three teenagers in Surat were apprehended by the police while filming a video, or "reel", on Vesu VIP road, wielding a plastic gun openly. The minor boys were captured amidst the act of crafting a thrilling narrative for their followers, an endeavor that has unfortunately led to police custody.

In the age of social media, where platforms like Instagram have become prominent channels of entertainment, young people are going to significant lengths to create captivating content. It's becoming common to witness an online competition among teenagers to produce the most engaging and shareable content in the form of short videos, colloquially known as "reels". Such competition, however, can occasionally result in actions that cross legal boundaries.

The Surat Police acted promptly after receiving information about the teenagers flaunting the plastic gun, which could be mistaken for a real weapon from a distance. They located the minors swiftly, ascertained that the weapon was indeed a toy, and took them into custody. Upon questioning, the young boys confessed to their ill-conceived attempt to attract social media attention and apologized for their reckless behavior.

"These children, all under the age of 18, are employing attention-seeking activities on social media, which is concerning for society," commented Surat Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar. He added that these acts may inadvertently promote dangerous trends and cause unnecessary panic among the public.

The teenagers have since pleaded for forgiveness and have vowed not to repeat such an act in the future. They also urged other young people to refrain from engaging in similar pranks or potentially harmful stunts in the pursuit of social media popularity.

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