Surat Municipal Corporation's City Bus Service Under Scrutiny for Conductor Misbehavior

Senior Citizens Face Ill-Treatment from Conductors, Prompting an Immediate Suspension

Surat Municipal Corporation's City Bus Service Under Scrutiny for Conductor Misbehavior

SURAT - The public transport service managed by Surat Municipal Corporation is once again in the spotlight due to recurring misbehavior from the drivers and conductors, reflecting poorly on the public service system.

A recent incident has sparked an outcry as city bus conductors were found engaging in disrespectful conduct with senior citizens. The case involved the conductor refusing to provide tickets to senior citizens after they had paid for them. This led to local councilor intervention, resulting in the immediate suspension of the errant conductor.

On Sunday, an alarming situation occurred when a city bus collided head-on on the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) route. To make matters worse, a city bus driver was found driving on the wrong side of the road. Such misconduct has led to increasing public dissatisfaction, contributing to the tarnishing reputation of the Surat Municipal Corporation's services.

In today's incident, passengers traveling from Surat railway station towards Pal on a city bus encountered a disturbing scenario. A senior citizen who had paid for his ticket was refused one by the conductor, who also resorted to abusive language. This incident prompted immediate action by a local BJP worker, who informed the local councilor about the situation.

After receiving the information, the councilor halted the bus near the TGB circle for investigation. Upon confirmation of the misconduct, the vigilance department of the municipality was informed. The conductor involved was immediately suspended for his inappropriate behavior towards the passengers, providing some solace to the aggrieved senior citizen. The incident has prompted the municipal corporation to reassess the conduct and training of its staff to prevent further such instances.

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