Revitalization of Dumas Beach in Surat: Ecotourism Park and Coastal Development Project Underway

A 5.3 km stretch will be developed into an eco-tourism park, bringing new life and attraction to the city's coastline

Revitalization of Dumas Beach in Surat: Ecotourism Park and Coastal Development Project Underway

Surat: After years of promises, the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) is moving forward with the Dumas Sea Face Development Project, aimed at providing the city with a vibrant and sustainable recreational area. Following years of stagnation, the new municipal commissioner, Shalini Aggarwal, has initiated the long-awaited project, slated to be carried out in phases.

The government has now allocated the necessary land for the first phase of the project to the Surat Municipal Corporation, allowing the development work to gain momentum. The eco-tourism park, which is part of the project, will span across a total area of 107 hectares, encompassing 12.27 hectares from the Dumas Sea-face project's TP plan, 66.72 hectares of government land, and about 23 hectares of forest department land.

Despite initial hurdles with governmental land ownership, the first phase of development will commence on the 12.27-hectare land portion belonging to Manapa, thanks to the Municipal Commissioner's diligent coordination with the Collectorate.

The Dumas Sea-Face Development Project has ambitious plans for the coastline. Enhancements include a one and a half to two-kilometer beautification stretch, from the statue of former Prime Minister Late Morarji Desai to Chowpatty and Langar, which will feature special lighting, a fountain, and a food plaza. Zones equipped with play equipment for children are planned, along with paver blocks for maintaining cleanliness across the area, and geometrical designs to add aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the project envisages activities ranging from a five and a half kilometer coastal path to entertainment venues and hotels.

With the development of this project, Dumas beach, which has suffered degradation due to rain and illegal activities, will be transformed into an attractive resort. An eco-tourism park complete with entertainment parks, hotels, restaurants, water sports facilities, and other recreational activities is envisioned for the site. A 5.5 km long coastal road will also be constructed along the beach, enhancing connectivity and accessibility.

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