Shocking Incident in Surat: Young Man's Apparent Suicide Caught on CCTV

Unidentified Man Intentionally Jumps in Front of Dumper in Pandesara, Surat; Police Investigation Underway

Shocking Incident in Surat: Young Man's Apparent Suicide Caught on CCTV

In a shocking incident in Surat's Pandesara area, a young man has been captured on CCTV footage taking his own life by deliberately jumping in front of a moving dumper truck. The Pandesara police have since registered a case of accidental death and are currently investigating the matter.

The heartbreaking incident occurred on a road between Pandesara Tirupati Circle and Althan. The unidentified man was seen walking on the side of the road, moments before the dumper truck, registered under the number GJ 21 V 4505 I, took a U-turn. The young man abruptly jumped beneath the truck's tires, leading to his instantaneous death at the scene.

The entire incident was recorded on a nearby CCTV camera, the footage of which has since emerged. The video reveals the dumper truck moving slowly away from a construction site, preparing to make a U-turn from a side road. Suddenly, an unidentified individual is seen rushing toward the vehicle and falling under its wheels. The driver of the dumper had little to no time to react.

Upon being alerted by locals, a Pandesara police team promptly arrived at the scene. Preliminary investigation indicated that the young man had intentionally thrown himself under the truck. The man, believed to be around 30 years of age, left no clues as to his identity or his reasons for taking such a drastic step.

The police are continuing to probe the matter, seeking to confirm the deceased's identity and ascertain the circumstances that led to this tragic incident. The case is currently registered as accidental death, pending further investigation.

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