Tragic Canal Drowning Claims Three Lives in Surat's Mandvi

Family Dispute Escalates to Devastating Outcome as Mother, Son, and Daughter-in-law Drown

Tragic Canal Drowning Claims Three Lives in Surat's Mandvi

In a horrifying incident in Surat's Mandvi, three family members drowned in a canal amid a family dispute. The deceased, identified as a mother, her son, and his wife, met this tragic end following an argument.

Witnesses report that the mother, apparently distraught over a minor disagreement, jumped into the canal. In a desperate attempt to save her, both her son and daughter-in-law also plunged into the canal waters, ultimately resulting in their drownings.

This tragic incident comes on the heels of a violent domestic dispute in Kadodara last Friday, wherein a man's wife and daughter were killed over a minor issue. These back-to-back tragedies are sending shockwaves through the community, highlighting the grave consequences of escalating family disputes over seemingly trivial matters.

Upon witnessing the mother's leap into the canal, onlookers swiftly alerted the fire department. Upon arrival at the scene, the fire crew launched an immediate search operation. While the mother's body was recovered, the search for the son and daughter-in-law continues as they remain missing.

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