Tree Saves 55 Lives in Saputara Bus Accident

Tragic incident claims lives of two children, leaves four critically injured

Tree Saves 55 Lives in Saputara Bus Accident

Ahwa – In a dramatic turn of events on Sunday evening, a luxury bus carrying 57 passengers narrowly escaped a catastrophic fall into a deep ditch in Saputara, Dang district. The bus lost control while overtaking a cargo vehicle just 2 km from Saputara, breaking through the roadside railing and plummeting into the ditch. Miraculously, a tree stopped the bus from plunging further, saving 55 lives.

Tragic Loss and Injuries

The accident, however, claimed the lives of a brother and sister who were seated by the window. Three-year-old Umar Ashfaq Sheikh and his seven-year-old sister, Atifa Ashfaq Sheikh, from Gopipura, Surat, were thrown out of the bus and succumbed to their injuries. In total, 28 passengers were injured, with four in critical condition. The critically injured were transported to Ahwa Hospital and later to Surat Civil Hospital for further treatment.

Incident Details

The bus, operated by Bapa Sitaram Travel, departed from Sagarampura, Surat, on Saturday night. After spending the day in Saputara, the passengers were returning to Surat when the accident occurred. As the bus attempted to overtake a cargo vehicle on a U-turn in Malegam, Saputara, it lost balance, broke through the roadside railing, and overturned into the ditch.

Emergency Response

The prompt response by the Surat Civil Hospital, which had been alerted immediately after the accident, ensured that 20 beds were readied in the trauma center, with doctors on standby. One of the critically injured passengers, suffering from a severe head injury, was referred to a private hospital for specialized care.

The injured, including Javed Khan Lakdawala, Zuber Salim Sheikh, Syed Sultana Anwar, Syed Heena Amir, Syed Asira Amir, Syed Halina Amir, and Shabir Ahmed Mian Mohammad Mansuri, are currently receiving treatment at Surat Civil Hospital.

This incident underscores the importance of road safety and the need for careful driving, especially on winding mountain roads. The heroic role of the tree in averting a greater disaster is a reminder of nature's unpredictable interventions.

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