Sixth accused in Salman Khan's house firing arrested in Haryana

Sixth accused in Salman Khan's house firing arrested in Haryana

Mumbai Police have made another breakthrough in the investigation of the shooting incident that took place outside Salman Khan's residence at Galaxy Apartment in Bandra, Mumbai, on April 14. The police have arrested Harpal Singh, aged 34, from Fatehabad, Haryana, in connection with the case.

The incident, which involved two motorcycle-riding assailants firing shots and then fleeing the scene, prompted an extensive investigation by the Mumbai Police. Initial arrests were made in Gujarat, where the two main suspects were apprehended. Subsequent investigations led to the arrest of two individuals who had provided the weapons used in the attack.

One of the arrested individuals, however, tragically committed suicide while in police custody, leading to further inquiries by the CID team. The investigation revealed that Mohammad Rafiq Chaudhary had provided financial assistance to the attackers.

Further probing into the matter uncovered that Harpal Singh had allegedly orchestrated the attack, directing Rafiq Chaudhary to conduct reconnaissance of Salman Khan's residence and providing him with a substantial sum of money, estimated between Rs 2-3 lakh. Consequently, the Mumbai Police arrested Singh in Haryana, based on the information provided by Rafiq Chaudhary.

With this latest arrest, the total number of individuals apprehended in connection with the firing incident has risen to six. Additionally, Lawrence Bishnoi and his younger brother Anmol Bishnoi, currently incarcerated at the Sabarmati Central Jail in Ahmedabad, have been named as co-accused in the case.