Vande Bharat Train: Providing a promising travel experience for the country

Vande Bharat Train: Providing a promising travel experience for the country

Indian Railways is committed to provide affordable transport to all strata of population by operating different type of services viz. short distance, long distance, reserved, unreserved etc. Presently, 102 services of Vande Bharat trains are operated across the country.

Vande Bharat Express has emerged as popular train:

The popularity of Vande Bharat trains can be gauged from the fact that till March 31, 2024, more than 2 crore 15 lacs people have travelled by it. The occupancy of Vande Bharat trains on 07th May 2024 was 98%.  The Vande Bharat train services have been well patronized with the average occupancy being 103 % in FY 2024-25 till May 7th. During the Financial year 2022-23 and 2023-24, the overall occupancy of Vande Bharat trains was above 96%.
Vande Bharat Express is providing air travel like experience to the people. This is the reason why people prefer to travel by Vande Bharat Express. In a way, Vande Bharat Express has become synonymous with development, modernity, stability and self-reliance.

284 districts of the country have been connected to Vande Bharat:

A total of 284 districts across the country have been connected to the service of Vande Bharat Express. This number will continue to increase in the future. A total of 102 Vande Bharat trains are providing services on 100 routes of the railway network.

Vande Bharat trains have covered a distance equivalent to 310 rounds of the Earth in a year:

The distance covered by Vande Bharat trains in the financial year 2023-24, i.e. the amount of up-down movements, is equivalent to circling the Earth approximately 310 times. Considering the popularity of Vande Bharat among railway passengers, now preparations are underway to introduce Vande Bharat sleeper trains also. For this, work is going on very fast.
Features which make Vande Bharat special:

All coaches of Vande Bharat Express are fitted with automatic doors, GPS based passenger information system, Wi-Fi service and comfortable seats. The Executive Coach has the additional facility of 180 degree swivel seats. All coaches are provided with a pantry facility to serve hot food and cold drinks. Apart from this, Speed ​; safety and comfort are the hallmarks of this train.

To reduce the carbon footprint, a regenerative brake system has been installed in the Vande Bharat train. The coaches of Vande Bharat Express are sound proof. Apart from this, the new design of Vande Bharat Express has a photo-catalytic ultraviolet air purification system installed in the roof-mounted package unit (RMPU) for air purification.