Modi Accuses Congress of Embracing Maoism in Banswara Rally

Prime Minister Modi Criticizes Congress's Ideology and Promises Development for Banswara

Modi Accuses Congress of Embracing Maoism in Banswara Rally

Addressing a public meeting in Banswara, Rajasthan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the Congress party of embracing Maoism and spreading fear among marginalized communities. Modi alleged that the Congress manifesto reflects an attempt to bring Maoist ideology to mainstream politics.

Modi, who was in Banswara to support BJP Lok Sabha candidate Mahendrajit Malviya, also spoke about the progress made under the BJP government. He highlighted the appointment of a tribal woman as the President of India, emphasizing BJP's commitment to the welfare of the poor and marginalized communities.

The Prime Minister criticized Congress for neglecting development in the Vagad area, promising to improve connectivity and infrastructure in the region. He mentioned ongoing projects, such as the Dungarpur-Ratlam rail line and a power plant in Banswara, assuring the audience that these projects would be completed soon.

Modi also announced plans to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda as a tribal pride campaign across India. He claimed that Congress is uncomfortable with BJP's focus on development and empowerment, as evidenced by their reaction to such initiatives.

In conclusion, Modi reiterated BJP's commitment to development and urged the people of Banswara to support the party in the upcoming elections for a prosperous and developed India.