Voters' Rejection of Indi Alliance Evident in First Phase, Says Modi

Prime Minister Modi Highlights Alleged Corruption and Infighting Within the Indi Alliance

Voters' Rejection of Indi Alliance Evident in First Phase, Says Modi

Mumbai, 20 April  - Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking in Nanded on Saturday, declared that voters had decisively rejected the Indi alliance in the first phase of elections. Modi accused the alliance of concealing corruption, stating that the public was incredulous of parties within the alliance competing against each other for 25 percent of the country's seats.

Addressing a rally in support of BJP candidates Prataprao Chikhlikar for Nanded Lok Sabha seat and Baburao Kohlikar for Hingoli Lok Sabha seat, Modi expressed gratitude to voters, particularly first-time voters, for their participation in the first phase of voting held on Friday. He urged citizens to exercise their franchise, emphasizing that voting is a civic duty.

Modi likened the dedication of Indian soldiers guarding the nation's borders to the responsibility of voters. He criticized Rahul Gandhi's choice of multiple constituencies, suggesting that after voting in Wayanad on April 26, Gandhi may seek another seat following his defeat in Amethi. Modi highlighted the Congress party's decline, noting that even the Gandhi family, which historically leads the party, cannot secure votes within their own constituency.

Reflecting on his early interactions with the Chavan family, who have long been prominent in Maharashtra politics, Modi praised their humility, particularly recalling a conversation with Ashok Chavan's father, Shankarrao Chavan. Modi expressed admiration for Shankarrao Chavan's demeanor and noted that Ashok Chavan's recent alliance with him has bolstered his campaign.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Modi urged voters to ensure a resounding victory for BJP-led NDA alliance candidates in the ongoing elections.