Surat Woman Makes History: Completes 300 km Ultra Marathon Despite Challenges

Khyati Patel's Remarkable Journey from Surat to Nashik

Surat Woman Makes History: Completes 300 km Ultra Marathon Despite Challenges

Khyati Keyurbhai Patel, a 48-year-old woman from Surat, Gujarat, has made history by becoming the first woman from Gujarat and the second woman in India to complete a 300 km ultra marathon. Despite facing challenges such as rough roads and losing toenails, Khyati Patel's determination and perseverance led her to achieve this remarkable feat in 76 hours of continuous running.

The ultra marathon was organized by the Blue Brigade Running Club India on February 14, 2024, in Nashik, Maharashtra, starting from Syedari Farm. The event attracted participants from various countries, including Australia, as well as runners from cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and other states of India.

Khyati Patel, known for her love of coffee, embarked on her journey to promote fitness in 2015 by running a 50 km race. Since then, she has completed 4 marathons of 50 km, 4 marathons of 100 km, 1 marathon of 160 km, and 1 marathon of 220 km. Her completion of the 300 km ultra marathon in 2024 marks a significant milestone in her running career.

Preparation for this event involved rigorous training for four months. Khyati Patel would wake up at 3:30 am, five days a week, to train for three to seven hours on the streets of Surat. She also made significant changes to her diet, opting for healthy foods such as carbohydrates before running and protein for recovery, along with supplements like dry fruits and dates.

During the ultra marathon, Khyati was supported by her husband Keyur Kewal Patel, her son Prathishtha Patel, and guide Tejal Modi, along with other supporters Jatin Bajaj, Paresh Pala, Dinesh Patel, and Arpan Jhala. The motivation provided by Ankur Hasoti and Chintan Chandrana also played a crucial role in her successful completion of the race, which took place in temperatures reaching 37 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night.