Surat Chamber, AAAWI Join Forces to Bridge Business Between India and Japan

Surat Chamber, AAAWI Join Forces to Bridge Business Between India and Japan

Surat : In a move to boost trade and collaboration between India and Japan, the South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) and the AOTS Alumni Association of Western India (AAAWI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This partnership, facilitated by the SGCCI Global Connect Mission 84, aims to facilitate the exchange of information and business inquiries between industrialists and businessmen in both countries.

The MoU signing, held at Samhati Building in Surat, was attended by SGCCI President Ramesh Vaghasia and AAAWI President Praveen Purav. Both parties expressed their commitment to promoting mutual business benefits through various initiatives.

SGCCI President Vaghasia requested AAAWI to connect Surat entrepreneurs with Japanese businesses, enabling export opportunities for various products. He also invited a Japanese trade delegation to visit Surat to explore potential collaborations.

AAAWI President Purav highlighted the organization's three-decade partnership with Japan's Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Development (AOTS), emphasizing their role in skill development and technological exchange. He encouraged Surat engineers to visit Japan to experience their dedication and work culture.

Purav emphasized the demand for quality products and timely delivery by Japanese traders, advising Surat entrepreneurs to adapt their strategies accordingly. He also offered to organize business meetings with Japanese Consuls in Mumbai and Delhi to showcase Surat's products.

The meeting, moderated by Mission 84 CEO Paresh Bhatt, also featured presentations on the SGCCI Global Connect Mission 84 project by coordinator Sanjay Punjabi. Both parties expressed optimism about the MoU's potential to forge strong business ties between India and Japan.

This collaboration paves the way for increased trade opportunities, knowledge sharing, and cultural exchange between the two nations, benefiting businesses and communities on both sides.

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