Surat International Airport Takes Off with Immigration & New Dubai Flight

Relief for tourists as immigration begins in new terminal, additional Dubai flight takes wing

Surat International Airport Takes Off with Immigration & New Dubai Flight

Surat : International travelers at Surat's new airport can finally breathe a sigh of relief. After facing inconveniences due to the lack of immigration facilities in the recently inaugurated terminal, the process has finally begun, streamlining travel for foreign-bound and returning tourists. This timely improvement coincides with the announcement of a new Dubai flight, expanding connectivity options for passengers.

Built at a cost of Rs. 363 crore, the new terminal promised smoother international travel for Surat. However, its initial days were marred by concerns over immigration services being unavailable. Passengers were forced to navigate to the older domestic terminal for immigration checks, causing unnecessary hassle. Fortunately, this hurdle has been overcome, with the immigration process now operational within the new international terminal itself.

Adding to the good news, Indigo Airlines is launching a new service connecting Surat to Dubai. Starting from February 23rd, the carrier will operate three flights per week – Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays – catering to the growing demand for this popular route. This addition complements the existing Sharjah flight, which currently operates five days a week, offering even more flexibility for travelers.

The increase in international flights aligns with Surat's rising prominence as a tourist destination. The lack of readily available immigration facilities at the new terminal, however, threatened to dampen this progress. Thankfully, the swift resolution of this issue ensures a smoother travel experience for international passengers, solidifying Surat's position as a well-connected gateway.