Surat Expo Draws 21,000 Visitors, Boasts Business Bonanza and Health Awareness Drive

Food & Agritech and Health & Wellness Expos Witness Enthusiastic Participation, Organ Donation Pledges

Surat Expo Draws 21,000 Visitors, Boasts Business Bonanza and Health Awareness Drive

The "Health & Wellness Expo-2024" and "Food & Agritech-2024" exhibitions, jointly organized by the South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the South Gujarat Chamber Trade & Industry Development Center, concluded on a successful note on February 12th. Held at the Surat International Exhibition and Convention Center, the 3-day event attracted a whopping 21,000 visitors, exceeding expectations and generating significant business opportunities.

Thriving Food & Agritech Expo:

Exhibitors at the Food & Agritech Expo saw impressive sales, thanks to attractive offers like buy-one-get-one-free deals and discounts ranging from 10% to 50%. Namkeen and bakery items were particularly popular, witnessing large-scale purchases by retail consumers. Additionally, participants benefited from franchise and dealership opportunities offered by various companies. Direct interactions with dealers opened doors for future collaborations.

Health & Wellness Focus:

Beyond business, the event served as a platform for health awareness. Over 100 individuals, including prominent figures like Chamber President Ramesh Vaghasia and former President Himanshu Bodawala, pledged their organs through the Donate Life initiative. The expo provided residents with a comprehensive overview of the best medical treatments and facilities available in Surat, attracting non-resident Indians, non-resident Gujaratis, and local residents alike.

Numbers Tell the Story:

  • Visitors: 5,252 (Day 1), 11,200 (Day 2), 4,540 (Day 3), totaling 21,000
  • Organ Donation Pledges: Over 100

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs:

The expo proved valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs, offering insights into small-scale bakery ventures with project costs ranging from ₹3 lakh to ₹10-15 lakh. Youngsters seeking information on bakery machinery previously found online now had the opportunity for personalized guidance and product exploration.

The success of the "Health & Wellness Expo-2024" and "Food & Agritech-2024" signifies the growing interest in health awareness, business opportunities, and entrepreneurial support in Surat. The event's impact likely extends beyond the numbers, fostering meaningful connections and paving the way for future development in the region.

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