Surat Entrepreneurs Get Branding Boost from Chamber of Commerce, Industry Experts

First Chapter of Entrepreneurs Forum Gateway Launched with Seminar on 'How to Grow Your Business Through Branding?'

Surat Entrepreneurs Get Branding Boost from Chamber of Commerce, Industry Experts

Surat - The South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) launched its first chapter under the Entrepreneurs Forum Gateway initiative, offering aspiring business owners valuable guidance on product branding and success strategies. The inaugural program, titled "How to Grow Your Business Through Branding?", featured renowned advertising guru Bharat Dabholkar and Dr. Deepa Bhajekar, an ICT/UDCT Harvard Business School alumnus, who shared their insights with a packed audience of local entrepreneurs.

Building Trust and Recognition Through Branding

SGCCI President Ramesh Vaghasia kicked off the event by emphasizing the importance of branding, stating, "Your brand is your reputation, built by what people say about you when you're not around. It's a promise, and a good brand lives up to that promise." He highlighted the growing trademark registration trend in India, with Gujarat ranking third nationally, and urged entrepreneurs to leverage branding to elevate Surat's products on the global stage.

Substance and Creativity: Keys to Standing Out

Ad guru Bharat Dabholkar stressed the need for a strong product foundation for commercial success. He advised entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves through creativity, stating, "There are many making the same product, but yours needs to be unique. What you put in buyers' minds and how you communicate with them is crucial." He also emphasized ethical advertising practices and responsible messaging to create positive brand impact.

Entrepreneurial Spirit of Gujarat

Dr. Deepa Bhajekar, acknowledging Gujarat's entrepreneurial spirit, stated, "Business is in the Gujarati blood. They create jobs through their ventures, making Gujarat the land of entrepreneurs." She identified courage, initiative, patience, and hard work as essential ingredients for business success, qualities she believes are ingrained in Gujarati culture.

The launch of the Entrepreneurs Forum Gateway and the insightful branding seminar mark a significant step forward for Surat's aspiring business owners. With continued support and guidance from organizations like SGCCI and industry experts, the city's entrepreneurial landscape is poised for further growth and recognition.

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