Online Betting Racket Busted in Surat: Police Nab Three, Mastermind Still at Large

Statewide network used dummy SIM cards, social media influencer suspected as leader

Online Betting Racket Busted in Surat: Police Nab Three, Mastermind Still at Large

Surat Police have cracked down on a large-scale online betting racket operating across Gujarat, arresting three individuals allegedly involved in illegal betting on cricket, tennis, and other games. The investigation is ongoing, with a social media influencer suspected as the mastermind still at large.

Raiding the "Panwadi Paan Centre":

Acting on a tip, the Crime Branch raided a shop in Vesu disguised as a "Panwadi Paan Centre." They apprehended Gajanand Taylor, who is believed to be the ringleader, along with two associates - Chinanshu Gothi and Hiral Desai.

Modus Operandi: Dummy SIMs and a "Mastermind":

Investigations revealed a sophisticated network utilizing dummy SIM cards to manage online betting on a website called Gajanand allegedly purchased these SIM cards to manipulate the betting process and cheat players.

Statewide Reach and Manhunt:

Authorities suspect Gajanand is part of a broader network involving five bookies in other Gujarat cities who remain absconding. Police have declared them wanted and continue their search.

Employees on Payroll:

Chinanshu and Hiral are believed to have been hired by Gajanand to manage the website and recruit customers, working for salaries and commissions.

Charges and Next Steps:

All three arrested individuals face charges under the IPC and Gujarat Prevention of Gambling Act. The investigation aims to identify and apprehend the remaining suspects, as well as dismantle the entire betting network.

Social Media Influencer Connection:

Reports suggest that a Surat-based social media influencer may be the mastermind behind this operation. However, their name and further details remain undisclosed as the investigation progresses.

This bust sheds light on the growing prevalence of online gambling and its associated criminal activities. Surat Police's swift action highlights their commitment to tackling such networks and protecting citizens from potential fraud and exploitation.

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