A toast to your loved one!

A toast to your loved one!

New Delhi, March 21 (IANSlife) This distinctive range of drinks will leave you spoilt for choice, whether you and your date or your old man, even a group of buddies enjoy the flavour of crisp vodka or blended scotch whiskies. Put on some music and enjoy these beverages!

There's Vodka

Established in 1864, Smirnoff is created using a unique process involving triple distillation from a blend of different grains and ten times filtration through seven columns of environmentally sustainable charcoal. The award-winning vodka has a robust flavour with a dry finish for ultimate smoothness and clarity which makes it a perfect base for any cocktail from everyday drinks to a celebratory toast. From the Russian serf to the toast of Hollywood, creative and progressive Smirnoff holds countless years of heritage and unmatched quality sold in over 130 countries.

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A scotch made for Mixing and Sharing

Black & White was created by James Buchanan, one of history's great Whisky barons, to introduce a balanced whisky that elevates everyday moments and appeals to the wider public. The straightforward scotch is for everyone and tastes even better when shared. Black and White is smooth, fresh, and spicy with smoky hints with sweet aromas of oak, biscuits with notes of sharp grain alcohol, and a touch of peat.

Keep Walking

Enjoyed and embraced in over 180 countries, Johnnie Walker energizes the pursuit of your richest life. Not satisfied with the harsh, inconsistent scotch of his day, its founder John Walker pushed the boundaries of what whisky could be and blended different single malts from four corners of Scotland to create a consistent, complex, and flavourful whisky. The unique blend has reached every part of the world, making Johnnie Walker the first-ever truly global brand. For over two centuries, the brand has been committed to a spirit of progress and moving forward with its Keep Walking narrative.

Relax and Unwind

Sir Walter Millard understood that nature relies on the harmonious interaction of its elements, a philosophy that he applied to his passions of fly fishing and making Black Dog. The Black Dog Millard's Private Reserve 14YO, a new addition to the world of Black Dog, is a rare, complex yet incomparably smooth blended scotch whisky. Refined, sociable, and charismatic, Black Dog encourages achievers to savour the pause.

Inspire Freedom and Adventure

Let's dip into what your partner really wants to receive this Valentine's Day-bourbon. However, don't mail it in and buy any old bourbon off the shelf. Go for an American-style bourbon, offering a completely new tasting experience. First of all, the American Pride bottle screams love. Its unique design with the Royal Challenge majestic lion gives ya free-spirited feels. This smooth gold liquid challenges tradition and goes beyond boundaries. Gift your man this one-of-a-kind international blend inspiring boldness, freedom and adventure.