Title: Surat Hospitals Brace for Dual Health Threat with Special Isolation Wards

Civil and Smear Hospitals Establish Isolation Wards for COVID-19 and H3N2 Amid Rising Cases

Title: Surat Hospitals Brace for Dual Health Threat with Special Isolation Wards

Surat is currently facing an increase in COVID-19 cases alongside a surge in seasonal flu due to unseasonal rains and changing weather patterns. In response, the health system has been put on high alert, and isolation wards have been established for both COVID-19 and H3N2 patients in Civil and Smear Hospitals in the city.

Daily reports indicate 150 to 200 seasonal flu cases at Civil Hospital, with 13 new COVID-19 cases identified in Surat the previous day. To address this dual health threat, a 10-bed isolation ward has been set up in Surat Civil Hospital and an 8-bed isolation ward in Smear Hospital. These isolation wards are equipped with essential facilities, including oxygen and ventilators.

Additionally, a 10-bed isolation ward has been established in the Stamp Cell building at New Civil Hospital to accommodate seasonal flu patients and ensure they receive proper treatment without undue suffering.

These preparations were made following a meeting held by the Collector, which included officials from the Health Department of Surat Municipal Corporation, Smear Hospital, and Civil Hospital. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the current situation regarding seasonal flu and COVID-19 cases and to give instructions for the establishment of isolation wards.

Superintendent of Civil Hospital, Ganesh Govekar, assured that the medical team is prepared to treat patients, and if the number of patients increases, additional staff will be provided as needed.