Gujarat Chief Minister Explores Economic Ties with JETRO President During Japan Visit

Bhupendra Patel Highlights Gujarat's Investment Opportunities in Semiconductor, Green Technology, and Medical Devices

Gujarat Chief Minister Explores Economic Ties with JETRO President During Japan Visit

Gandhinagar, 27 November - Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel engaged in a pivotal meeting with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) President Susumu Kataoka on the second day of his delegation's visit to Japan. The focus of the discussion was on bolstering economic collaboration and inviting Japanese industries to invest in Gujarat.

Expressing his satisfaction, Chief Minister Patel acknowledged the recent establishment of JETRO's Business Support Center in Ahmedabad. This center aims to attract Japanese companies to Gujarat and provide crucial support for their investments.

JETRO, known for fostering economic ties globally, has been a longstanding partner in Gujarat's development. The meeting delved into the state's aspirations to lead in semiconductor technology, green hydrogen production, and medical devices. Patel extended an invitation to JETRO to actively participate in attracting investments in key sectors, including semiconductor, green technology, bulk drugs, medical devices, ceramics, and textiles.

During the meeting, JETRO's Chairman and officials displayed a keen interest in Gujarat's developmental journey. They expressed enthusiasm about expanding the relationship between JETRO and Gujarat. Chief Minister Patel, seizing the opportunity, extended an invitation to JETRO to take part in the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit-2024, emphasizing the state's commitment to fostering international partnerships and investments.