Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel Highlights Gujarat's Role in India's Growth at FICCI Meeting

Focus on Future Development and Environmental Protection

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel Highlights Gujarat's Role in India's Growth at FICCI Meeting

AHMEDABAD: Addressing the FICCI National Executive Committee meeting on Thursday, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel reflected on the recent "Summit of Success", marking twenty years of the Vibrant Summit. He emphasized Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of the summit as a "spirit of bonding," rather than mere branding. Patel expressed the government's commitment to turning Gujarat into a beacon for a prospering India, especially as the nation ventures into its golden age of independence.

The theme for the forthcoming tenth Vibrant Summit in January 2024, "Gateway to the Future," signifies this aspiration.

Patel lauded FICCI for its unwavering support since 2003, recognizing its instrumental role in establishing Gujarat as India's growth engine. He voiced his confidence in FICCI's continued contribution towards achieving the ambitious goal of making Gujarat a 1 trillion dollar economy by India's centenary of independence.

Drawing attention to India's global economic footprint, Patel credited PM Modi for India's distinction as the world's fifth-largest economy. He recounted how Modi's leadership was crucial in bolstering national morale during the pandemic, aiding the country's rapid recovery.

Elaborating on Gujarat's achievements, Patel shared impressive statistics that emphasize the state's contribution to India's economic landscape. With just 6% geographical share, Gujarat remarkably contributes 8% to the nation's GDP, 18% to industrial production, and 30% to total exports.

Pointing to the state's proactive governance, Patel highlighted the recently launched renewable energy policy. This policy aims to boost the establishment of wind, solar, and hydro energy plants, potentially attracting Rs 5 lakh crore investments in the sector.

In a significant departure from economic discussions, Patel also stressed the importance of environmental conservation. He called upon organizations like FICCI to pioneer efforts in mitigating environmental hazards resulting from industrial by-products.

On a ceremonial note, FICCI officials celebrated Patel's presence by pledging to plant 10 trees at the sacred site of Vaishnodevi, gifting him a symbolic "Green Certificate" as evidence.

Key attendees of this event included FICCI President Subrakant Panda, Vice President Harshvardhan Agarwal, Gujarat unit President Rajiv Gandhi, and notable figures from Zydus Group and other states.