Anamika S Yadav: Unveiling the Musk within you in ‘Kasturi’

Anamika S Yadav: Unveiling the Musk within you in ‘Kasturi’

Anamika S Yadav, an Engineering graduate from Mumbai University and Director of a firm dealing with Medical Equipment is a self-published Author. Anamika made a debut in writing with the launch of her first Novel ‘Down the memory Lane’ in 2019 which has 4.8/5 star rating on Amazon, 4/5 rating by Critics and also won the ‘Emerging Author of the year’ 2022.

Author’s short stories have featured in international magazines as well.

Kasturi ‘the musk in you’ is her second Novel and it bagged the ‘Golden Book Award’ 2022.

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Where ‘Down the Memory Lane’ is a nonfiction.  This girl, shares her experience during the tours she undertook for work purposes. She describes different characters (people) she met and how they became a part of her journey called life.

From some she got some good experience and from some she got to learn. She lives not only with her family and friends but shares her life with the memories of all those who accompanied her during that respective patch of the path she has travelled through. Coming from a lower-middle-class background, the journey was not easy but she sailed through. Author owes her fearless approach and confident personality to all of them.  She is a woman of the family who set an example for everyone.

 Kasturi ‘the musk in you’ on the other hand is a Fiction. This book sets an example to the budding entrepreneurs for not giving up on their dreams and goals.  It is a tale of an ordinary girl with an extraordinary determination which makes the reader understand that everything is within you and it should be searched within rather than in the outside world.

Author is currently working on her third Novel which she plans to release before the end of this year.

Q1.Can you provide an overview of the book’s main themes and messages?

Ans: KASTURI ‘the musk in you’ is a tale of a first generation Entrepreneur who faces lots of challenges on business and personal front. It’s all about if she breaks down or rises. It’s more about the journey she goes through facing hurdles and beyond.

Kasturi’ the musk in you , is about the travails of a woman who is a simple happy girl, with a zest for life and had a dream to build and succeed in her business ventures, balancing this with her duties on the personal front.

She is just another lady. Maybe sitting next to you on the 4th seat of a fast local train, a lady standing in a queue behind you to take a ferry to her destination, a lady staying next door whose voice may not be soothing but sings regularly as she cooks.

Some days she is a mess, some days she is a fighter and knowingly or unknowingly some days she is a bit of both as the situation demands. But every moment she is there facing, fighting, trying but never giving up.

‘Kasturi’ is not just the name of a woman. It is the inner alluring fragrance that a musk deer carries within itself but searches everywhere outside its own body to find the source. The protagonist of this book goes through a painful but learning and illuminating journey to discover that search.

Q2. What inspired you to write this book?

Ans: My debut novel was not planned; it was a compilation of my memories which I penned as and when I felt the urge to write.

Thought of KASTURI arised from looking at the challenges many entrepreneurs face. Facing the financial challenges, to coping up with challenges on a personal front and also trying to manage all odds in the business simultaneously without giving up is the key to success.

KASTURI is an attempt to acknowledge these struggles and honest efforts.

‘KASTURI’ comes from my grandma’s name ‘Kasturabai’ who is always alive in my thoughts and this inspires how the protagonist too is attached to her grandmother who makes her find strength from within. Hence, the title KASTURI ‘the musk in you’ was instant and profound from the bottom of my heart.

I hope ‘KASTURI’ touches the hearts of my readers and helps them discover their MUSK.

Q3. What challenges did you face while writing this book, and how did you overcome them?

Ans: Writing is never a challenge, editing and formatting is ! I have published KASTURI all by myself from editing, formatting , Cover design by my younger son Anuj ofcourse. Uploading on KDP platform and making it available Pan India and worldwide as well was a good learning experience though but that is what my book is all about you know, the theme has to be justified after all 🙂

Q4. Can you share any personal experiences or anecdotes that influenced the story or its characters?

Ans: I can’t say I was influenced as such but yes, I have seen many first generation entrepreneurs giving up on their dreams to run their businesses successfully after facing challenges and this inspired me to develop the plot of KASTURI.

Q5. What advice do you want to give to the readers of your book?

Ans: Pileup your challenges and step up to rise high 🙂

Amazon link to the book Kasturi: the musk in you

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